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Our industry is all about lifestyle, from the annual migration of snowbirds, to the peak season toy haulers and family campers, to the camping club alumni, to the virtual office full-timers and homeschool road warrior parents, to the down-sizing and tiny living enthusiasts….

In this industry your guests bring their home (or their home away from home) with them to your place of business.

You are host, enforcer, landscape service, electrical engineer, security, network provider, general store, travel advisor, referee, well, you know…

Each park and every park operator is just as diverse as the customers we serve and all share the same fiercely independent nature. Whether they have become permanent fixtures in your park or come through once on their travels, your guests are a demanding sort of customer and your business needs are unique.

We are here to help! We’re watching out for you, securing resources and working to keep your costs down. We’re only a phone call away… and yes, we still believe in answering the phone and providing you with personal attention. In the hospitality industry, your issues are always urgent and your time is always constrained. In addition to doing the research you don’t have the time to do and negotiating the deals you don’t have time to negotiate, we gather the experts together you need to meet with. We’re also actively marketing to your target audience with Camp-California! and vigilantly working in Sacramento to protect your interests.

CalARVC is your trade association, representing your interests and providing you with tools, resources and programs to help you prosper. Camp-California! Marketing is a wholly owned subsidiary of CalARVC, working year-round to promote your park and camping in California.

Helping RV parks and campgrounds is what we do.