The 2019 Camp-California Guide Doubles as a Trip Planner


In addition to highlighting California’s “quaint, quirky and downright adorable small towns,” the free guide features unique road trip ideas for both California and parts of Nevada with a focus on 13 caving destinations as well as eclectic music, food, wine and outdoor recreation events

AUBURN, Calif., Feb. 1, 2019 — The 2019 edition of Camp-California! The Camper’s Guide to California and Nevada, is bigger and has more trip planning content than ever before.

While the award-winning guide is best known for its focus on campgrounds, RV parks and resorts with sought after amenities, onsite activities and entertainment, this year’s guide includes feature stories on unique road trip ideas, including caving destinations, “quaint, quirky and downright adorable small towns” as well as eclectic music, food, wine and cultural festivals and even outdoor recreation events as varied as balloon races, rodeos and guided snowshoe walks.

“This is much more than a campground directory. It’s a publication that you can sit down and read while enjoying a glass of wine,” said Dyana Kelley, incoming executive director and CEO of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, which produces the guide in addition to hosting, the travel planning website.

“We’re now taking the approach of creating an annual magazine focusing on unique aspects of California like our cave system this year. Other topics in the pipeline include ghost towns, California missions, gold rush history, volcanos, and wildlife viewing. The idea is to make the Camp-California Guide a collector piece that consumers …

RV Parks Are Increasingly Investing In Solar Energy Systems


Across California, RV parks are increasingly investing in solar energy systems as a way of combating rising electricity costs.
In the past two years, at least seven parks in Central and Southern California have invested in solar systems that offset their energy costs by 38 to 83 percent, depending on the size of their solar panels installations.
“RV parks are investing in solar energy to alleviate the unpredictable impacs of rising electricity rates dealt out by the utilities,” said Erik Boardman, who oversees business development for Shorebreak Energy Developers.
The Irvine-based company has developed turnkey solar power systems in more than 240 manufactured housing communities, about 20 of which are RV parks.
Thom Niederkofler, a partner with Pacific Current Partners, whose holdings include Oceanside RV Park in Oceanside, said there are very compelling reasons for RV park operators to invest in solar energy systems.
“Electric utility expenses are one of the biggest line items in our operating budget every year,” he said. “You can make a huge impact on your bottom line by reducing that expense.”
Parks that invest in solar energy systems can also take advantage of tax credits as well as accelerated depreciation.
Carport-mounted solar systems are also very popular among RVers because they like to park in shaded sites. The same dynamic holds true for RV storage sites, Niederkofler said, adding that RVers will pay more to be able to store their vehicles under carport-mounted solar systems because of the shade they provide.
Many RVers also like supporting businesses that are investing in environmentally friendly technologies, he said.
Meanwhile, Shorebreak and other c…

CalARVC Redesigns!

The travel planning website, which lists campgrounds not found on government websites, has been redesigned to accommodate mobile devices, including tablets and cellphones

AUBURN, Calif., March 20, 2018 — not only has a new look and fresh content, but it has been redesigned to accommodate mobile devices, including tablets and cellphones.
“People love our newly designed website,” said Debbie Sipe, CEO of, which highlights nearly 300 mostly privately owned and operated campgrounds, RV parks and resorts that are not listed on and other government websites. fills a critical niche for camping enthusiasts throughout California,” Sipe said.  The website enables consumers to search for campgrounds not only by location, but based on their amenity preferences.  “For example,” Sipe said, “if you’re looking for campgrounds with fenced pet areas, on-site restaurants, bike rentals or live entertainment, you can search for parks that have these specific amenities.”, in fact, has an advanced search function for campgrounds, RV parks and resorts based on 27 different amenity requests.  The photos, videos and social media postings of each campground, RV park and resort have also been integrated into, which also now has the ability to show consumers appropriate online advertisements about campgrounds as well as camping and RV supplies based on the consumer’s IP address, said Jeff Beyer, CEO of La Quinta, Calif.-based Big Rig Media, LLC.

The website also features travel and trip planning ideas for 12 different regions of California as well as detailed information on fairs and festivals, music events, and places to explore everythin…

California’s Campgrounds Offer Fun Activities

California’s campgrounds offer activities ranging from Easter egg hunts to cardboard boat regattas, pet fashion shows, wine tastings shark themed weekends, dinner dances and vintage RV rallies

AUBURN, California, March 20, 2018 — California’s campgrounds and RV resorts are gearing up for the spring and summer camping seasons with a wide range of activities, particularly at privately owned parks.
Consumers can find activities of interest to them by visiting, the travel planning website, which features campgrounds and RV resorts that offer everything from Easter egg hunts to cardboard boat regattas to wine and craft beer to pet fashion shows and vintage RV rallies. Some RV resorts even have dinner dances and live music and one park has a shark themed weekend with shark movies, shark themed crafts and shark sundaes.
“Camping increasingly involves organized activities, particularly at privately owned and operated campgrounds,” said Debbie Sipe, executive director of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, which hosts
“Many campgrounds still encourage their guests to cook and share stories and s’mores around the campfire. But now more than ever campground operators are creating new activities and entertainment to enhance their guests’ vacation experience and keep them coming back for more.”
“ can help you identify the best campgrounds, RV parks and resorts in the areas you want to visit, and once you click on the websites of the parks that interest you, you can find out what they offer in terms of onsite activities and entertainment and see if it’s the right fit for you, your friends and your family,” Sipe said.
Many campgrounds also offer a wide variety of rental accommoda…

The 2018 Edition Of “Camp-California! The Camper’s Guide To California” Now Available

The 2018 Edition Of “Camp-California! The Camper’s Guide To California” lists nearly 300 Private Campgrounds That Are Not Listed On Government Websites

225,000 copies of the award-winning print directory are free for the asking at, which has also been
redesigned into mobile-, tablet- and desktop-friendly formats

AUBURN, Calif., March 13, 2018 — Consumers looking to plan a weekend getaway or a dream vacation in California now have a new resource available to them at no cost. has produced 225,000 printed copies of the 2018 edition of its award-winning directory, Camp-California! The Camper’s Guide to California, which are available free of charge on a first come, first serve basis.
The magazine style directory is an invaluable consumer resource because it lists nearly 300 mostly privately owned and operated campgrounds, RV parks and resorts that are not listed on or other government websites.
“We provide consumers with information on campgrounds and RV parks they would not otherwise find using government websites,” said Debbie Sipe, CEO of
While the 80-page printed campground directory does not provide all of the travel planning content that is available on, it does serve as a useful quick reference not only for campgrounds, but for food and wine festivals and other special events taking place this year in different regions of California, including stories on Lodi, Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo County as well as craft beers and product reviews.
A digital version of the directory is available on and includes links to more extensive campground and special event listing information as well as adverti…

Record RV Sales Mean More Competition For Campsites in California and Across The Country

Record RV Sales Mean More Competition For Campsites in California and Across The Country

The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds urges consumers to visit and to book their campsites for spring and summer as soon as possible

AUBURN, Calif., Dec. 4, 2017 — The RV industry has been booming for several years and is expecting to set a record 500,000 RV shipments to dealers this year, according to industry projections.
Indeed, RV shipments are projected to reach 505,600 units in 2017, up 17.4% from a year ago, according to the Reston, Va.-based Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
But while strong RV sales are good news for dealers and manufacturers, the rising numbers of RV enthusiasts on the road are creating increased demand for campsites in California and across the country, which means consumers should book earlier than they have in the past to secure their campsites for next summer.
“Campgrounds in the most popular state and national parks have always booked up several months in advance, but the growing numbers of RVers on the road are also driving up demand for campsites in private campgrounds,” said Debbie Sipe, executive director and CEO of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, which hosts, the travel planning website.
One can quickly get a sense of the growing numbers of travelers on the road by considering the rocketing visitation to the national parks. In California alone, visitation to the national parks was up 9.41 percent overall in 2016 compared to the previous year.
The National Park Service counted 5,028,868 visitors in Yosemite National Park in 2016, up 21.17 percent from the previous year, while visits to Sequoia National Park increased 14.33 percent to 1,254…

Campgrounds That Can Be Used As Base Camps For Special Events In 2018

Camp-California Highlights Campgrounds That Can Be Used As Base Camps For Rodeos, Food & Wine Festivals and Other Special Events In 2018

AUBURN, Calif., December 2017 — 2018 is fast approaching, but has already identified numerous special events taking place across the state, from rodeos to taco and tequila festivals and other specialty food, wine and music events. has also identified campgrounds, RV parks and resorts that people can use as base camps while attending these entertaining events.
“Many campgrounds now offer rental accommodations ranging from park model RVs to furnished cabins and yurts and safari tents, so you don’t have to have an RV or a tent to stay in a campground,” said Debbie Sipe, executive director and CEO of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, which hosts in addition to publishing Camp-California! The Camper’s Guide to California.
“We also find that people increasingly want to have different types of accommodation experiences when they travel, and campgrounds offer the experiences they’re looking for,” Sipe said.
Following is a sampling of some of the special events that are scheduled to take place across California during the coming weeks and months, along with listings of nearby campgrounds, many of which have rental accommodations:


— Mendocino Crab, Wine and Beer Festival, Jan. 19-28, in Mendocino: This festival features all you can eat crab feasts, winemaker’s dinners, crab cruises, cooking classes and special events across the county.

Neighboring campgrounds include:

Sportsmans RV Park in Fort Bragg: 

Albion River Campground in Albion: This campground offers a unique camping and boating experi…

Bicycling Enthusiasts Use Campgrounds as “Base Camp” Suggests Bicycling Enthusiasts Use Campgrounds as “Base Camp” For Exploring The Golden State.

AUBURN, Calif., December 2017 — Bicyclists are increasingly using campgrounds as base for long distance rides.

With this in mind, has compiled a listing of several major bicycling events scheduled for 2018 along with nearby campgrounds that can be used as base camps.

“Each year we are seeing more and more bicyclists using campgrounds as base camps,” said Debbie Sipe, executive director and CEO of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, which hosts, the travel planning website.

Sipe noted that many campgrounds now offer rental accommodations, so it’s often not necessary to have an RV or event a tent to stay at campground.

“Campgrounds are increasingly trying to accommodate everyone, whether you like to tent camp or spend the night in luxurious cabin or cottage with your own kitchen and bathroom,” Sipe said.

Many campgrounds also have bicycle rentals for those who would like to simply explore the immediate vicinity of the campground. But for those who are contemplating more rigorous bicycle adventures, here’s a sampling of websites with additional resources on upcoming bicycle tours.

Following is a sampling of upcoming bicycle tours along with nearby campgrounds that can be used as base camps:

Central Coast Double Century, May 12, Paso Robles: This 211-mile ride starts and ends in Paso Robles and includes 14,000 feet of climbing. The route includes a section of scenic State Route One.


Santa Margarita KOA in Santa Margarita, which has cabins, park models and yurts.


Wine Country RV Resort in Paso Robles,


Tour of the Unknown Coast, May 19, Ferndal

Sierra Nevada Campgrounds That Stay Open In Winter Stay Busy

Sierra Nevada Campgrounds That Stay Open In Winter Stay Busy, Especially When It Snows

A half dozen private campgrounds from Truckee to Mammoth Lakes host everyone from Boy Scout groups to skiers and snowmobile enthusiasts to couples seeing a romantic
getaway in the snow

EMIGRANT GAP, Dec. 5, 2017 — In the summertime, campgrounds throughout the Sierra fill up with families looking to explore the wilderness on hiking trails and on horseback.
But in the wintertime, when the mountains are covered with snow, only a handful of campgrounds stay open — and those that do tend to accommodate the hardiest souls who don’t mind RV camping in the snow or, heaven forbid, pitching a tent.
One campground that sees all kinds of campers in winter is Cisco Grove Campground. Located at the 5,800-foot level in Emigrant Gap, roughly 90 minutes from downtown Sacramento, the campground hosts everyone from cross country skiers and snowmobile enthusiasts to Boy Scouts
“We have Boy Scouts who come here to get their snow wilderness badge,” said Cecelia Krolik, who manages Cisco Grove, which is growing in popularity as a daytime and overnight destination for people who live in the greater Sacramento area.
“This is a great place for snow wilderness training.”
Cisco Grove is also drumming up lots of business from families who simply want to come up for the day to enjoy a winter wonderland.
The 200-acre campground has two hills that are perfect for sledding and sliding down on snow discs. Forest Service fire roads and the Fordyce Trail are also easily accessible nearby and are perfect for cross country skiing and snowmobiling.
“There are lots of snowmobilers who come here,” Krolik said. “We also have areas behind the campground that are popular with snowshoeing groups.”
And for those who don’t have a…

Club Royal Oak Is Now Selling Park Model RVs

Club Royal Oak Is Now Selling Park Model RVs that consumers can place on leased campsite in the park.

KINGSBURG, Nov. 7, 2017 — Club Royal Oak was nearly wiped out when the Kings River overflowed its banks and flooded the 100-site RV park last spring.
But after the waters receded, park owner Alan Degenhardt rolled up his sleeves and got back to work rebuilding his park. He also came up with a new marketing concept that is drawing even greater consumer interest in his park: He is marketing park model RVs, which people can place on campsites that they lease at his park.
“The response has been unbelievable,” Degenhardt said. “In our first weekend marketing these units, we leased 22 out of our 95 campsites. People can put these park models on a campsites and use them as weekend vacation cottages.”
The park models, which are manufactured by Champion Homes, include bedroom and living areas as well as bathrooms and kitchens with full size appliances and granite countertops.
Degenhardt plans to lease about 60 of his 95 campsites, with three to five year extendable leases, while keeping the rest available for overnight travelers heading up Highway 99 toward Yosemite or Sequoia from Southern California.
Club Royal Oak is a quiet riverfront RV resort along the Kings River, roughly 3.5 miles east of Highway 99, just east of the tiny Swedish-themed town of Kingsburg.
The campground includes 36 riverfront campsites with their own private beaches. The 30-acre park also has some of the largest campsites in California, ranging from 3,000 to 12,000 square feet, and most campsites are shaded by 50- and 60-year old ash and willow trees.
“There are five and six generations of families that come to this campground since it was built 50 years ago. But most camping enthusiasts have no idea we’re her…