June 2018 CA Primary Election Report

Provided by Edelstein, Gilbert, Robson & Smith, June 8, 2018

The California June 5 primary election is over and the results are in…mostly. There are still approximately 2 million late and provisional ballots to be counted, including 500,000 in Los Angeles County. However, there are only a handful of races where the unprocessed ballots will decide the difference between the second and third place finisher and join the top vote-getter on the November ballot. This was a low-voter turnout election, once all ballots are counted it will be around 30 percent.

There were relatively few surprises and California’s unique top-two primary election only yielded a couple of races where two people from same party will face-off in November. Below are some election highlights and notable results with a slight preview of the November election. We will provide a more thorough General Election preview in the Fall.

As expected, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom was the top vote getter in the primary and will be favored in the General Election having garnered 33.4 percent of the total vote that was split between 27 total candidates. The surprise in this race is how strong the relatively unknown Republican John Cox ran to come in second and soundly push former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to third place by nearly doubling Villaraigosa with 26.1 percent of the vote and running ahead of his party’s voter registration.

Mr. Cox welcomed late support from President Trump, which helped in energizing the Republican base of voters to turnout for him in June. But the President’s overall unpopularity in California may energize those who did not initially support Newsom in June to line up in support for him in November. To win the General Elec…

CalARVC Leadership at Work

From Deb’s Desk – October

CalARVC’s Fall Board Meeting concluded the 2015-2017 strategic session. Board members Darrell Sisk, President; Randy Hendrickson, Vice President; Jon MacKenzie, Sec/Treas; Pamela Jensen, Past President; John Grant, Ryan Uhles, Erik Gothberg, Daniella Faita and Cole Sampson, oversaw the following goals and work plan:

  • Successful launch of the password-protected CalARVC.org
  • Legal Advice Hotline
  • Transition to free removal and eviction forms for all members
  • Independent state and national membership options
  • Development and implementation of a in-house communication plan tracking tool
  • Implementation of an in-house task management system
  • 95% completion of a custom inhouse database system
  • 95% completion of the new Camp-California.com

Changing of the Guard
The board said good-bye to Directors Erik Gothberg and Pamela Jensen.
Erik Gothberg, Regional VP for corporate owned KOAs served CalARVC for the past six years with great insights and tons of practical business centric suggestions. The board most appreciated his unflappable pragmatic view of the strengths and weakness of the RV park and campground industry. Thank you Eric for engaging in honest assessments of our industry.

Pamela (Hintz) Jensen as President from 2013-2015 oversaw the transition from a 17-member board to a 9-member board. She managed virtually an entire new team of directors and with an ever-present positive outlook pushed and pulled the members into a productive board giving guidance and direction for the future of CalARVC for at least a decade.

Pamela was also critical in the launch of CalARVC’s RV Park Days. With a dwindling attendance at conventions, Pamela without trepidation supported a new meeting concept suggeste…

RV Park Day Plans Finalized – Register Today!

CalARVC’s Fall RV Park Day Will be October 3rd at the Benbow KOA in Garberville

The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) will host its annual Fall RV Park Day education and networking event Oct. 3 at the Benbow KOA in Garberville.

“Park operators are going to love this event because we’re going to have an information packed Fall RV Park Day in one of the prettiest locations in California,” said Debbie Sipe, CalARVC’s executive director.

Morning speakers will include Larry Brownfield, director of franchise development for Billings, Mont.-based Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA), and John Elliott of Benbow Historic Inn & Benbow KOA, which is located on the banks of the South Fork of the Eel River.

Brownfield will talk about how a strategic marketing plan starts with a clearly defined business mission. Brownfield will talk about what a good mission statement contains and how that translates into getting campers into your campground.

Elliott will talk about how the RV and campground industries can implement yield management or dynamic pricing and still keep guests smiling.

The morning sessions will be followed by a networking lunch, sponsored by CalARVC’s industry partners.

CalARVC’s popular expert roundtable speakers will include:

  • Erin Thien of Inn Town Campground, who will talk about visual storytelling.
  • Larry Brownfield of KOA, who will talk about how to execute a mission statement to marketing message.
  • Theresa Christian and Rebecca Lipe of Tytanium Ideas will talk about how to maximize your social media marketing ideas on any budget.
  • John Elliott of the Benbow Historic Inn will talk about forecasting models that can save money.
  • Caeser Ponce of the state Housing and Community Development Department will provide updat