California RV Park Days

Designed with Vendors in Mind

California has re-invented its convention with RV Park Days. These one-day events are held twice a year throughout the state, hosted at a CalARVC member park. Each one is structured to facilitate and develop connections between attendees. There is a Coffee Bar in the morning, networking lunch, park tour, table-talk dinner, reception and campfire. The morning session is a usually a traditional two-hour presentation on current issues. The afternoon session is a non-traditional format designed to share expertise. Industry experts are placed at different table rounds. Every 15 minutes, the experts switch tables. Speakers, park operators, CalARVC staff and vendors are all equals, sharing and learning together. From this context CalARVC Vendors will have unique sales opportunities that traditional trade shows do not provide.

The potential exists to limit the number of vendor registrations.  The selections will be made on a first come, first served basis.  Early signups are recommended.


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