Susanne White

Susanne White’s spirit came alive during RV Park Days. The format, the culture and the community that surrounds an RV Park Day event was Susanne’s brain child. She fully believed in the value of networking, but not just with direct peers. She believed that all members of the industry should be networking together. It didn’t matter if you were a park owner, manager, vendor, or industry leader. We all learn from one another and together our collective knowledge makes our industry stronger.

Industry leaders recognized that spirit in Susanne and have created the Susanne White Scholarship. Susanne White worked for CalARVC from 2010 until her untimely passing in May of 2018.

The Scholarship covers the cost of registration, and $250 towards travel expenses.

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a letter explaining why they would like to attend the CalARVC’s RV Park Day and provide details on how the they feel the event would benefit them and their RV park. Please send to

Deadline is Monday, March 18th by end of day. A selection will be made and applicants will be notified by Friday, March 22nd.

If you are interested in assisting with and/or financially supporting the Susanne White Scholarship, contact