Save on your CalARVC Membership Dues!!!!

The CalARVC Board of Directors initiated the “Member-Get-A-Member Campaign,” an incentive program for recruiting new members. Its purpose is to increase members in all categories of membership.  You the park operator know the value of membership in CalARVC and your personal insight can be an effective recruiting tool.

Here’s How It Works…

When you recruit a new member, you receive 25% of the new member’s first-year’s dues. You will receive a CalARVC “Bonus Bucks” coupon to be used towards your own membership dues.

For example…If you recruit a park whose annual dues are $600, you would receive a “Bonus Bucks” coupon for $150. If your annual dues are $550, you would only owe $400. If you recruit a second park whose annual dues are $500, you would then receive an additional “Bonus Bucks” coupon for $125. Now you would owe only $275 for your annual dues.


  1. To qualify, the new member must list your name on the CalARVC Membership application on the line the asks how they learned about CalARVC.
  2. Bonus Bucks can only be used towards your dues.
  3. Bonus Bucks are not transferable to another park or supplier member.

* A “New Member” is defined as a park or Industry Partner that has not been a member of CalARVC for three years. An exception would be if a park sells and the new owner decides not to retain membership in CalARVC. In this case, the park would be considered a new member after one year.

We suggest you refresh yourself with the benefits CalARVC & Camp-California Marketing offers.  A quick trip to our How to Join page recaps our different benefits.  If you have a question, feel free to call the office.  We are here to assist any way we can.

Thank you in advance for helping your association grow!