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Your Vehicle for Political Action!

In addition to a strong Government Relations Program, a strong political action committee is critical to an effective legislative program.

This member-funded PAC can be counted on to make donations to current and future law makers that support the basic business philosophy of the association. Sponsored by the California Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds, REC PAC was formed in 1983.

PAC DefinitionREC PAC is governed by a Board of Trustees that are either park operators or owners just like yourself or active members of the RV Park and Campground Industry lending their expertise to the PAC. They review requests from candidates and CalARVC’s lobbying team, allocating funds at their discretion. They welcome input from PAC members (contributors in each calendar year). Trustees are elected annually for a two year term.

Eternal VigilanceSince 1983, CalARVC members have been utilizing REC PAC to help improve business conditions here in California. The only way to do just that, REC PAC needs your contributions. Do you believe that having good legislators in Sacramento affects your business? If so, donate to REC PAC today.

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