CalARVC_Advocacy_Logo_150California Removals & Evictions for RV Parks & Campgrounds

Removing or evicting a guest from your park in California can be difficult and thanks to the California legislature provides ample rights to your guest and few rights for you, the operator. California Civil Code, Title 2, Part 2 of Division 2 houses the California RV Park Occupancy Law. Some attorney not familiar with RV Park Occupancy Law may try to use other less stringent eviction codes. However, they do not apply.

hk-logo-2016CalARVC with the help of legal firm Hart King has created the Practical Guide to the Removal & Eviction Process to help guide you through the different processes that apply to RV parks. In quick summary, all removals or evictions are based on the guest’s length of stay: less than 30 days, more than 30 days but less than 9 months, and more than 9 months. Again with the help of Hart King, CalARVC has created forms to assist you with all three types.

Note: Proper use of these forms, when required, can save you time and protect you from potential legal problems and mistakes. The forms are for general usage only and are not a substitute for individualized documents and advice by legal professionals. Prior to using these forms, you should consult with your lawyer.