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RV parks and campgrounds are under the authority of the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). The Division of Codes and Standards oversees the Special Occupancy (RV) Parks Act or SOPA.  SOPA is broken into two sections: the Health and Safety Codes, which are the laws passed by the legislature, and the regulations which are promulgated by the authority given to HCD in the Health and Safety Codes.

HCD oversees all aspects of RV park operations including swimming pools, building permits, layout and design. However, to confuse matters, local jurisdictions may apply to HCD to assume authority and manage SOPA within their boundaries.  To determine who has jurisdiction for any given park, click on the park search link below. HCD has a search tool where you can search by park name, city or county.

In order to legally operate in California, you need to have been issued a permit to operate either by HCD or your local jurisdiction only if they have been granted authority in California.  A requirement for your permit is to have an annual Emergency Preparedness Plan for your guests.  Below you will find a template that CalARVC has created for your use.