Save our Water

save our water stickerCalARVC and Camp-California! have put together several tools to help you and your guests conserve water.

The first is a CalARVC White Paper with tips and suggestions from other CalARVC members. Each suggestion has been implemented by a CalARVC member. This is a work in progress….if you have additional ideas or resources for products, please let us know and we will add them. Check back for updates throughout the year.

We have created additional tools to help educate your customers using the Camp-California! brand. We are asking you to help increase our brand awareness with these Camp-California! tools. What a better way to leverage the brand within our Golden State by encouraging water conservation during this historic drought.

Using these water conservation tools you are not only supporting your association and its consumer brand, you will also be promoting your industry involvement. This will increase CalARVC and Camp-California! visibility with state officials and local tourism boards. For this your association thanks you!

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